Line Card for Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey

  • EIS
  • We have the ability to draw, anneal and bunch much of our own conductor, virtually eliminating the lead times required by copper fabricators. Our sophisticated scheduling system maximizes equipment efficiency while minimizing production cycle times and waste resulting in shorter lead times and quicker turnaround of your orders. We excel at custom manufacturing and will meet or exceed your expectations for performance and responsive service.
  • Hi-Tech Controls
  • Robotic Cables, Harmonized Cable, European Standard Control, Power and Data Cables, Flexing Applications, Drag Chain, Harmonized Cord, Meter Supply Cables
  • Shawflex
  • Control Cable, Instrumentation Cable, Thermocouple Cable, Low Voltage Power Cables up to 2000 volts. XLP, THHN, Polyethylene, PVC Insulation, CPE, PVC, Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jackets, Copper Tape Shields, Served Wire Armor, Interlock Armors, Zetabond, Shipboard Cables, Utility and Industrial
  • Thermax
  • Mil-Spec. Wire & Cable - High Temperature / Low Temperature
    M16878, M22759, M27500, M81822, M25038, M81381, Mil-C17
    Specialty and Custom Aerospace Cables
    Power & High Speed Data Cables
    High-Performance Coaxial & Formable Coaxes
    Aircraft Entertainment Cables (IFE)
    Industrial & Appliance Wire & Cable
    UL, CSA, Ultra High Temperature, Power Cable, Sensor Cables
    Low Noise, Thermocouple, Audio Cable, Medical Application Cables


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