Electric Industry News and Trends

April 2016 - Debut of our Metro News newsletter.

June 2012 - Jodi Delorey and Lori Burrows will attend the AFL Global trainings. More details to follow.

April 2012 - Jodi Delorey is added to the Metrowest family. Jodi brings an extensive knowledge of telecommunications and telecommunications configurations. With Jodi's addition we will be able to offer more support to our fiber optic lines.

December 2011 - Lori Burrows is Harger Lightning & Grounding Certified. Lori has successfully completed the Harger Lightening Protection Installation Training.

August 2011 - Lori Burrows is added to the Metrowest family. Lori brings with her an extensive background in electronics and distribution background. With Lori's addition we will be able to work with our distributor partners and support them with trainings and product knowledge.

January 2009 - Metrowest Electric Sales, Inc. launches new website.


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